Company Information

RSM Development & Management has built long-term relationships in Michigan through the acquisition, development, operation and management of office, medical, research & development and industrial real estate. RSM’s portfolio consists of more than 1,000,000 square feet.


RSM develops solutions that combine opportunities in both private and public markets, resulting in optimal performance that keeps pace with today's ever-evolving real estate environment.


Above all a tenant-focused organization, RSM works closely with tenants to determine how its resources might best be applied to provide solutions that allow them to meet their objectives most efficiently and profitably. RSM's expertise allows its tenants to focus on core business issues while achieving goals for utilization and cost control on real estate.

Investment Strategy

RSM's strength continues to grow through strategic acquisitions and development of new properties. For each investment, the company establishes a comprehensive acquisition plan utilizing its knowledge and resources to ensure a smooth transaction.


Over the years, RSM has developed a portfolio in excess of 1,000,000 square feet. Other RSM contributions can be found throughout Michigan in an array of office buildings, business campuses, mixed-use developments, and medical facilities.

Keystone Medical Center in Novi, Michigan

Keystone Medical Center, Novi
Unique Insight

RSM's presence and experience in key real estate markets help the company identify trends early and respond with investment strategies tailored to meet the objectives and risk-return needs of its tenants. These strategies are driven by cutting-edge research that provides RSM an information advantage and positions the firm to seize opportunities wherever they arise.


Drawing on unique resources, the company can identify opportunities at any stage, carefully analyzing each potential investment and pursuing those that will yield long-term results.

Northwestern Medical in Southfield, Michigan

Northwestern Medical, Southfield
Integrity In Management

Dedicated to high-quality customer service, RSM applies a hands-on approach to management, maintaining open, personable relationships with tenants and visiting each regularly. This enables RSM to proactively discover and resolve issues. The company employs a solid base of contractors who provide a quick response and superior upkeep of RSM managed properties.


RSM ensures that available space shows optimally and monitors lease activity through surveys and personal broker contact.


RSM's thorough management has resulted in partnerships with companies who remain loyal throughout various expansions as well as joint venture partnerships with tenants who have come to trust and enjoy working with the firm.

Venture Plaza in Troy, Michigan

Venture Plaza, Troy
Building Trust, Shaping Growth

RSM has developed and maintained longstanding relationships with numerous lenders over the past 25 years who recognize the company's track record for capitalizing on real estate trends early in the market cycle. Such relationships are foundations for growth and help to move the acquisition process pleasantly and expeditiously.


RSM also enjoys good relationships with cities and municipalities who hold confidence in the firm's redevelopment capabilities and have acknowledged RSM's efforts with beautification awards, not only of physical properties, but also of their exterior maintenance and landscaping.


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Andover Building in Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Andover Bldg., Bloomfield Hills